Who designed this?

The Harness is off.  It’s over there on the floor.

It’s curious to see this thing I’ve worn as long as I’ve been an adult – 30+ years…  Who made this?  Why so tight?  Why the rough rope?  There’s a pull cord I see that will jab thumbtacks into my backside when I’m slowing down, and simultaneously tighten the collar around my neck…  added incentive, I think, to get through the last 10% of every…

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#Selfie 19: The Writing of Book

#Selfie 19: The Writing of Book

Each painting for #Selfie has had it’s own arc.  It wasn’t until I sat down to pull the book together that I realized the whole project has a broader, wider one.  It became clear over the days of showing up for writing that this lovely broad #Selfie arch also had a corresponding shadow.  As I walked along this one it became narrower, and darker, and steeper – in descent.

Then I realized, “Ah. …

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